Our 2012 Journey with God

Hello all!  Have you missed me?  I’ve missed you.  I’ve been busy writing our next unit in The Journey and I am so excited I can hardly stand myself.  I hope you will be able to come along for the next leg of our Journey.  We begin meeting again on Thursday, January 19 at 6:30pm at Riverbluff Church.  We will continue on our normal weekly schedule until April.  We will be on break Thursday, April 5 and Thursday, April 12.  We will resume on Thursday, April 19 and finish up on Thursday, May 31.  If you take the time to read this, can I ask you to take the time to pray for me?  I hate to ask anything of you personally but I could really use the prayer support.  Did I tell you that I am praying for you?  Yes you, specifically.  God challenged me to ask Him to move heaven and earth on behalf of all the Journeyers and I am faithfully doing so.  I am expecting God to do truly amazing work in the days that lie ahead of us.  That work won’t likely be public; it will happen in the depths of our hearts – yours and mine!  So, have you got your hiking boots on yet?  God has an adventure for us this year and I, for one, can’t wait!  Hope to see you soon!

3 Responses to Our 2012 Journey with God

  1. Peggy Hudspeth says:

    Hey Tammy, I have missed it! and of course I will keep you in my prayers!! , I am with Our
    Father on this, I have faith in you!!
    As I do not have a weekly Life group conection, to share with it has seemed like forever.. 😉

    I too look forward to this year, If it is anything like what My Father & Lord has been doing thus far…it is going to be an amazing year!! … SO looking forward to where my walks and talks with him may leading me !!
    As it looks so far, I should be able to attend in the evenings, not sure about next semester just yet!
    Thank you and God bless you for all you do and what you mean to so many !!
    Take care and wil see you soon!!
    Love & Blessings
    Peggy Hudspeth

  2. Cassie Brisson says:

    Praying for you Tammy! Excited to see what God has in store. Thank you for praying for me! My life has taken so many unexpected turns over the past year and God brought this message through you to me at just the right time in my life. Thank you for being His faithful servant!

  3. Trish Telfer says:

    As always you have and always will be in my prayers. Satan has really been after me since our break so I am ANXIOUSLY awaiting the return to the group. Keep up the GREAT work.

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