If you are on this Journey with us…

Hello Sweet Sister!  If you are taking the study with us but find yourself behind on the daily work, can I just encourage your heart?  Your best effort is enough!  If you are doing everything you can to meet with God but find yourself discouraged because you get stuck on a question and don’t feel that you can move on, take heart!  The point of this study is not to see how much ground we can cover; it is simply for you to hear from your God.  So are you feeling God’s fingerprints on your days?  Are you hearing from Him in even small ways?  Then you are right on track!  Not every part of each day’s work will speak to everyone!   Think of it like a grand buffet line.  Some of you are filling your dinner plate, your salad plate, your soup bowl and your dessert plate.  Praise God!  Some of you are just nibbling on peaches and cottage cheese.  Praise God!  If you will just be faithful to ingest some bit of God’s Word each day, He will faithfully multiply it in your life. 

A special word:  if you are behind, please do not try to catch up!  Not right now, not unless you are positive that is what God is saying to you.  Don’t let perfectionistic tendencies derail you.  He has a fresh word for you every day but you will likely feel defeated if you get too far behind.  Hang in there and just pick up today’s work.  Listen with a fresh (and GUILT-FREE) heart today; He has something beautiful to say to you!

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