Calling all Journey-ers!

Hello, all!  Have I told you lately that I am just so excited to have you along for this Bible study?  I pray that God is meeting you in truly remarkable ways.  I know that He will bless every sacrifice that you make to spend time with Him!

You are all invited to join us on Thursday, December 1, for a celebration gathering!  It will be our final gathering for 2011 and we will be sharing testimonies and words of encouragement about what God has been doing.  We’ll also share some Christmas cookies and some warm fellowship, so please plan to join us!  It doesn’t matter how much of the work you’ve been able to study, whatever God is doing in your life is important and we want to celebrate His goodness with you.   If you cannot join us but would like to share your experience, you can send us an email at    We hope to see you soon!

2 Responses to Calling all Journey-ers!

  1. jeanie says:

    Do you want us to bring cookies?

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